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Reliable monthly ADSL starting from R 0 per month

Free p/m
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  • 5 hours of skype or
  • 4 hrs of YouTube or
  • 2 episodes of your
    favourite series
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R35 p/m
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  • 48 hours of skype or
  • 40 hrs of YouTube or
  • 20 episodes of your
    favourite series
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R85 p/m
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  • 120 hours of skype or
  • 100 hrs of YouTube or
  • 50 episodes of your
    favourite series
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R165 p/m
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  • 144 hours of skype or
  • 204 hrs of YouTube or
  • 100 episodes of your
    favourite series
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R245 p/m
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  • 375 hours of skype or
  • 300 hrs of YouTube or
  • 150 episodes of your
    favourite series
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Affordable Internet - everything you need to know

How Does it Work?

Capped ADSL data gives you a certain amount of GBs per month, depending on the package you choose. If you use up your allocated GBs within the month, you can quickly and easily upgrade to a bigger package or you can buy Top Up GBs. Our Top Up GBs cost a bit more but you have three months to use them before they expire. As for performance, our capped ADSL packages allow you to access your account from up to four different locations simultaneously. Each of these connections connects to the internet at the ADSL line's maximum speed so everyone gets our executive ADSL experience. Get Started

How Much do I Need?

If you use the internet to check emails, browse websites and social media and do your banking then the 5GB or 10GB package is all you need. However, since you are able to access your account from up to four different connections simultaneously, a 25GB or 50GB package is a better bet if you have several users who do a lot of browsing and emailing and who use social media to view and upload content. The 75GB package is best for your internet junkie who doesn't just want affordable internet but plenty of it too! Recommended for substantial internet usage including media streaming, VoIP calls, big downloads and gaming.

Instant Setup

All Gridhost ADSL accounts are set up immediately. As soon as the secure registration process is completed, you'll receive an email with your account details so you can log in and get going.

What do I Need to get Connected?

To access the internet, you'll need an active Telkom telephone line, an ADSL line and Router as well as one of our data packages.

Superior Speed

We don't just offer cheap internet, we provide it quick-quick too. We use Internet Solutions, one of Africa's biggest network providers, to give you the superior speed and reliability you've come to expect from Gridhost.

No Contracts

Gridhost is committed to delivering affordable internet and we want to make it easy too: that's why we have no contracts. If you change your mind and wish to cancel your ADSL service, simply log in and request cancellation via management actions. The service will cancel at the end of the next billing period.

Easy Management

View your usage, upgrade your package and top up with extra GBs when you need them via the management actions, available when you log in.

The Greatest Support – Ever!

Ask our customers what they love most about our service and chances are they'll tell you all about how great our support desk is. If you need to contact us, call in and speak to one of our knowledgeable, fully trained support agents. Not only are they happy to help but we aim for first-call resolution too which means we want your issue dealt with on the first call, live chat, remote setup or email ticket.